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Ashton 01-27-2007 12:55 PM

Strange error with BB Desktop Manager
I just downloaded a program to install to my BB (VNC) and I opene dup the desktop manager, app loader, ADDed VNC, and made sure nothing was unchecked...

well Desktop manager decided on it's own volition to uninstall Opera Mini, QuickIM, and Shark Modem... why I dont know, but they didn't show up in the list of installed apps... but this isn't the error

I was annoyed, but since I hadn't deleted my installation files, I went back into app loader once my BB had finished reseting, I click add, choose Opera, quickIM, or modem shark, it reads the file and says


What the frik? these were jsut installed 2 min ago!!!

Anyway, I turned it off, shut down the desktop manager, and for good measure rebooted the PC _and_ the BB.

When I opened up desktop manager again, those 3 programs were in the list! (unchecked at that point, but I checked them and continued and it reinstalled them to my BB)

Dont know what happened or why, but thought I'd share that.

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