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Ashton 01-27-2007 07:26 PM

Atleast once a day, my BB registers on the network...
...or atleast I get a message (wheather SMS or email I dont know) from Nextel saying my device was registered on the network...

Is this an error in the BB? and also Will this cause me trouble with Nextel? (and how the hell am I recieving messages from them but nobody else??? my other SMSs dont arrive (of course I had problems with this when I had a normal cell too, so...)

tsac 01-27-2007 10:32 PM

Not sure about Nextel but Cingular does this also. I have noticed it when I have lost total connectivity to a cell and it re registers. I have not seen any issues with getting email after but it wont receive any messages if the BB is not reconized by the system. I do see this only at my house and I have poor reception at that location.

One other thing may be your plan. you indicate you dont have a BBplan. maybe Nextel has issues with the setup you have.

Ashton 01-27-2007 11:45 PM

Probably the case then, where I store it at night it gets bad reception (ltos of interference from all my other devices, including a PDA with BT and WiFi turned on and an MP3 player playing through the speakers not 4 feet away) I have acctually heard it beeping off and on here, so...

On howard forums there's a massive thread about this, like 11 pages worth of ppl using BBs without BB plans, Nextel being the most common, they may not like it, but they havn't tried to stop anyone yet (though I am told if you use a real nextel SIM, then tehy will start billing you for BB plan --- mine's prepaid though so they cant really do anything about it! lol)

Glad to see this isn't just my BB, thanks!

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