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kable133 02-21-2007 06:58 PM

Housing won't open
Hey all,

I bought a new housing for my 7290 that got pretty damaged over time. I really like this model, and have no intentions of upgrading for a while, so I wanted to restore the look of the phone.

Anyway, I tried to use my T6 screwdriver and was able to get a couple of the screws out. However, others, the screwdriver wouldn't make them turn. I tried the other T6 that came with the housing and same problem. My T7 wouldn't fit in any of the screw heads.

Any thoughts? There's a company near my called Promobility who will change the casing, but I want to make sure that they will actually be able to get the phone open. I got it new from my service provider and haven't tried to open it before, so it's not like I stripped the screwheads. Also, some of them appear to have "teeth", and others don't. Again, any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thx. :)

takeshi 02-21-2007 08:21 PM

Any chance they're smaller than T6? I've never run into a 7290 that wasn't held together with just T6's. One of my 8700c's seems to have a couple of T7's...

kable133 02-21-2007 10:54 PM

Actually, I figured it out. I went to RadioShack and they gave me a T6 to try. Worked like a dream. I guess that all of the T6's I have at home are just junky.

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