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able 03-05-2007 07:58 AM

Exchange Mailbox Slow Down
We have been experiencing a problem with our Exchange Server 5.5 mailbox profiles. This issue was only witnessed on the outlook client PC’s where the response time for opening new/unread mail was continually becoming slower and slower… thus the outlook client for particular mailboxes became close to unusable… and the end users became close to killing themselves.

After investigation; checking the network, traffic, switch ports, routers, error logs, the BES and MS Exchange, we concluded that this issue only affected user mailbox accounts that had a blackberry profile.

We found that the information store for these particular mailboxes were not clearing their cache, even after a reboot, and “too many cached restrictions, back links, and searches were being placed on an individual folder”.

We found the default setting for the “Aging Keep Time” value was set to eight days for Exchange Server 5.5, and as advised in the Microsoft Knowledge base (link below), we changed this to one day. The output was a change in performance… for the better.

If you are experiencing similar problems of “outlook client slow down” or “accessing information store folders becoming slow in Exchange” I would suggest reading the below link to Microsoft Knowledge base… and for good housekeeping, I would suggest most BES/Exchange Administrators check this out also.

h ttp://

I thought it would be interesting to hear if anyone else has been experiencing the same/or similar problems.

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