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lirong 03-06-2007 12:03 PM

Need Help with Email Delays
I am hoping someone can help save this blackberry customer from a very "un-blackberry" experience.

I am using a BBerry 8800 with a corporate BES server on Cingular. My emails are routinely taking upwards of 3-4 minutes, sometimes as many as 10, to get to my device.

My IT Support called Blackberry for troubleshooting, and they suggested its a Cingular issue. Cingular of course says its a Blackberry issue.

Essentially, the emails are often only downloading when my device proactively "pulls" from the network...and this is something the device does automatically every 3-10 minutes or so. If I know there is an email waiting and I hit "Reconcile Now" the emails will come, but if not, they wont show up for extended periods of time. Blackberry tech support's opinion is that "the wireless network is not maintaining a connection to the handhelds."

Does anyone have any ideas, suggestions, etc. on how I can figure out this problem and solve it? If it persists I will have to go back to a non-BB device and use Good Technology which works fine in seconds - and would be ironic that someone is switching FROM blackberry due to their corporate email usage needs!


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