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prashanthchou 03-22-2007 07:47 PM

Couple of question about BLACKBERRY technology
Hi All

I am new to this Blackberry technology and trying to understand as how the technology works so that I can use it for my office email.

We are a small business company with 25 users with a local Microsoft exchange server ( 2003), there are around 4-5 users who are interested in getting the blackberry devices so that we can use them on road to check emails.

Right now we have local laptops where outlook is configured with POP3 and all the emails get downloaded on to the local pc, we have a OWA(outlook web accesss) capability as well.

I have read some of the web links where they are having BES which I guess is for corporates when they have many users, in our case I guess we dont need any BES(black berry enterprise server) ? right ?

So based on our scenario:

1) First we need to get some black berry devices from our exisiting cell phone provider ? right ?

2) We need to subscribe the emailing service so we can browse our emails on the blackberry devices ? right ?

3) Do we need to install any software at our office MS exchange server ?

4) Do we need to install any software on my local laptop which has the outlook client in it(where currently I do check emails ) ?

5) The emails what I am looking in the blackberry device are they copy of the emails on my exchange server ? or does it get downloaded on my blackberry device ?

6) Lets say if I have 5000 emails on my mail server account , can I look into all the 5000 emails on my blackberry ?

7) If a new email comes to me with an attachment of 10MB ? will i be able to open in blackberry ? Lets say its an excel file or picture ?

8) If i delete emails from my blackberry device , does it get deleted from my
exchange mail server account too ?

9) If I reply to an email from blackberry device, does the message sit in the SENT items on the blackberry device ?

10) Does the SENT items in my blackberry and the exchange servers SENT items get synchronized ?

11) My contacts & calendar get syncronized as well ?


baconismidog 03-22-2007 08:34 PM

1. yes
2. no. But you need to get a data plan. You will probably only need BIS unless you are planning on buying a BES server for your 5 users. You can also investigate a hosted BES option, check with the host for their recommendations on the plans to choose
3.Not unless you are buying a BES
4.Yes, if you want tasks, calendar, contacts to sync.
6. Yes, but they will have had to come in after you configured the Blackberry (email is only retroactive on a BES, BIS service is only from configuration forward). You will also have to configure the Blackberry to never delete the emails (default is 30 days)
7. No, 5 mb limit on the newer Blackberries. Office documents may need a 3rd party app to fully manipulate (google dynoplex)
8. Not unless you are using a BES
9.No, but it will show in the message window with a little check mark next to it
10. only on BES
11. Only on BES or if you are using the DM to sync

The current Exchange config will allow for pop access to email. You will just have to configure each Blackberry BIS for email access through the web interface. Cingular is at for example.

These answers are simplified (very simplified). Good questions though. Users can get a pretty full email experience using the BIS. BES is wonderful for OTA (over the air) sync of calendar, tasks, etc but is not really necessary unless you have someone who doesn't do their own scheduling. It is necessary for CEO types who have a secretary sched their appointments for them and then they just look at the little screen on their hip and show up at the correct room...

Good luck.

kevin.ross 03-23-2007 08:43 AM

I would recommend you invest in a BES and licenses, it seems very appropriate for your case and I believe will make the situation easier to deal with and highly functional.

As owner of a business, you have to value peoples' time. If one solution *might* potentially cause a disruption in email, obtaining information, extra training, consulting from an IT services company, etc, those are real costs.

Just my opinion, get a BES, have your local corporate wireless dealer install it for you, get your devices and it just works.

takeshi 03-23-2007 08:47 AM

BES Express might be better suited to your situation.

4. Depends on whether you're BES or not. BES offers wireless sync so you don't really need Desktop Manager unless you're swapping devices, backing up/restoring, or loading apps via the App Loader. With BIS you have to sync via USB.

5. Depends on your email setup. With BIS they're copies from the source account. With BES you can choose to have the email behave as a copy or to have deletions and moves reconcile with your Exchange server.

8. It's optional on BES. Not possible on BIS.

Dubdub 03-23-2007 09:44 AM

Why not just use BIS for awhile to see how everyone likes the BB and how they use it, before spending the money, time and effort on BES.

tobyw 03-23-2007 06:19 PM

I think you need to look into the cost of BES Express given the advantages over using BIS as mentioned above. I don't know where you are located, but some carriers will subsidise the cost of this if, for example, you were taking out 5 new phone contracts. RIM states that you should run BES on a separate server, but the requirements would not be very high for 5 users. I support a BES Express for 1 user(!) and this runs quite happily on a server I got from eBay. This was relatively low cost as it included a Windows 2000 COA so I didn't have to buy an OS.

To be honest, BES was a bit of a pig to install and get set up, but once up and running it has been maintenance free.

takeshi 03-25-2007 01:16 AM


Originally Posted by Dubdub
Why not just use BIS for awhile to see how everyone likes the BB and how they use it, before spending the money, time and effort on BES.

Not a bad idea. It's kinda like riding a moped to see if you'd want a motorcycle though... As long as you're aware of the differences -- which is kinda tricky when you're new to BB.

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