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enzee 04-05-2007 03:53 PM

BB User with Cingular in Italy

I am headed out to a business trip to Italy over the next few weeks (actually leaving tomorrow). I am bringing my 8700 with me as I have the overseas option with my plan.

Aside from the actual phone calling, will my email/text/BB service work over in Italy, do I need to do anything to make it work, and should I see the same features with my phone in Italy? Will I be charged for email use?

Any comments on how I can use my service there and what to expect cost and performance-wise would be greatly appreciated.


Pizzle 04-05-2007 04:36 PM

If data works over there, which it should, then yes, you'll be charged per kb. Contact Cingular's International Helpdesk for rates.

Link here:
Cingular International Rates: International calling rates and packages | Cingula

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