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redwooddigital 04-12-2007 03:31 PM

How to "FULLY" Uninstall an Application?
Hi All,

No one has responded to my sound question, but I want to try another thing. I have tried to uninstall “Blackberry Messenger” and re-install it. The problem is that after I re-install, all the settings of my previous installation are preserved.

I would like to do a “full” uninstall to sort of “start from scratch” and see if this works.

The way I uninstalled is as follows: I went to “Options/Advanced Options / Applications” selected the “BlackBerry Messenger” then select “Delete.” I was then prompted to restart and I selected “OK”… the Blackberry restarted and the messenger was not there. Then, I went to download the messenger again and re-installed it and all my contacts and settings still the same.

I wonder is there is a way to actually delete the “WHOLE” thing so I could test and see if when I re-install I don’t have the sound problem.

Thank you!

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