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jjones 04-22-2007 08:30 AM

The ultimate BIS/BES/GMAIL/YAHOO Challenge...
Note: for those who read other bby sites my apologies if this is a repeat but still yet to find a solution

I have tried everything (or at the very least spent counteless hours) and can't seem to find a robust solution using BIS. Curious if anyone has had similar issues/possible solutions.

I am currently using a hosted BES solution which is very costly (hotsted solution's Exchange Mail + Hosted solution's Blackberry add on + Cingular's additional BES charge = $25 to $30 extra). I don't mind spending some extra money, say for yahoo mail plus or google apps for domains pro etc. but would rather not have the monthly fees.

My Criteria:

1. Two-way sync with blackberry and desktop/web-based mail. Calendar and contact wireless sync a plus but not req'd. The sync must also treat a deleted item on a blackberry as an archived item and visa versa.
2. Archiving through gmail. I have had a gmail account for years and require all email sent and rec'd to flow into it for future reference. If Gmail ends up being the main client then this is very easy.
3. Robust spam filtering (Gmail is the only one I am happy with so far)
4. Recipients only see my domain email. Sender/reply to etc must always come from my domain - with GMAIL, recipients often see " On Behalf of [email address]". GMAIL for Domains gets around this.

Here is my currrent temporary solution - it's too pricey to keep forever.

* email from my domain is forwarded to my hosted BES provider, so I have BES email with real-time delivery, wireless syncing etc.
* At the exchange level all email is forwarded to my gmail account with a filter and label archving it.
* Using an app called "Auto BCC for Outlook" which forwards my sent emails from my BES account to my gmail archive

This solution covers all my issues except the spam (and its costly).

The way I see it, and correct me if I am wrong, here are the drawbacks of the other BIS only solutions...

GMAIL/BIS - no two way sync (perhaps when 2.3 comes out there will be). A delete on a blackberry is associated with a delete on gmail. I would like a delete on the blackberry to be treated as an ARCHIVE on Gmail. Also has the "on behalf of.." issue

GMAIL for Domains - no BIS yet, treats it like POP which is too slow. It does get around the "on behalf of" issue

Yahoo!/BIS - I would still need a solution to get into gmail for archive. Spam filter is not great.

Gmail For Domains/Yahoo/BIS
- I did try using gmail for apps/domains forwarded to a Yahoo account which was then synced with BIS. Also had incoming mail forwarded from gmail for apps to Gmail Archive. I then had BIS foward outgoing mail to the Gmail Archive account but could not find a way to get email sent from yahoo to be forwardd to gmail. Also tried a similar solution but with BIS forwarding to Gmail archive instead. I might be getting confused here remembering all they combos I tried but in the end none was ideal in terms of the gmail archive.

Anyone have any ideas? Is BES the only solution?

takeshi 04-23-2007 12:48 PM

If you're not happy with BIS then, yes, BES is the answer. You'll have to determine if you want the added benefits of BES for the cost (every option is a compromise).

Does your hosted BES provider also offer antispam? I'm using MailStreet and their Defender (MXlogic) antispam service is very good.

jjones 04-23-2007 05:31 PM

Wirelessly posted (BlackBerry8800/4.2.1 Profile/MIDP-2.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.1 VendorID/102)

I use mailstreet as well. Just hard to justify paying more money when google does it for free.

jeremyckitching 04-23-2007 07:36 PM

BES Is The Way
I believe the BES service is what will do this for you. I wanted everything you want. I am using the ExchangeMyMail solution. My costs are about the same as yours extra per month ($20 for the Hosted Exchange and BlackBerry wireless service; $10 extra on T-Mobile for the Unlimited Data Plan Plus BES service as opposed to just the Unlimited Data Plan) but I gladly pay the extra for what it offers me. The BIS service will not offer a two way sync of your mailbox, I don't believe.

In order to get Sent Messages from my BlackBerry to show in GMail, what I do is I use my BlackBerry e-mail account ( to send messages. On my 8700g I went to Options > Advanced Options > Message Services and set the Messaging (CMIME) value to my BlackBerry account. When setting up my BlackBerry e-mail account on T-Mobile I set the AutoBCC field to be my Gmail account e-mail. I also set the Reply To field to be my Exchange account. Then I have a filter in GMail that archives and labels those e-mail so I know they are sent from my BlackBerry. I really don't care that the Sent Items don't show in the Exchange Sent Mail folder, because I am using GMail to archive those anyway. For the mail sent from my Outlook Client, I use the same program you use, Auto BCC, and forward it to my GMail account. Of course all incoming mail to my domain e-mail address is archived and labeled as well using filters.

For cleaning up my GMail I can either use the web site or the GMail mobile application on my BlackBerry. I usually will do this once per month or something.

The ExchangeMyMail service also has online virus and SPAM tools, so I have everything I need. The only real requirement not met was the delete on the BlackBerry meant an Archive in GMail, but since I archive everything anyway (just label it differently) that does not matter so much to me.

fiffer 04-24-2007 05:51 AM

I'm using The Message Center for my Hosted BES and it works well. They use Tumbleweed for their anti anti spam and it works well. 9.95 for the mail box then 8.95 for the BB = 18.90.

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