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damo2576 05-04-2005 01:08 AM

Sent Items with POP and Forwarding
I am getting a new 7290 and need to figure out how best to manage my sent items. Essentially I need items sent on my BB to appear in the sent items in Outlook on my Desktop.
I've done numerous searches but can only find reference to set ups using Enterprise Server.
My set up will be as follows:
-Outlook on my desktop retrieves/sends via POP my [email address] email.
-My BB (set up by O2 in the UK) has its own address [email address]
-To get my [email address] emails to my BB I have 1 of 2 options.
1. Get my ISP to forward copies of all emails to [email address]
2. Via the online setup of my BB integrate [email address] into [email address]. So that my BB is checking, via POP [email address].
With both of these solutions I cant think of a way so that mails sent on my BB will appear in mysent items in Outlook on my desktop.
Basically I'm confused, does anyone have any ideas or suggestions or something I may be missing?
Thanks in advance, much appreciated!

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