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H8 is Lyfe 05-05-2005 12:40 AM

Hi im new to the forum
Hi am H8 for Lyfe and i am new to the forum I have a 7100t and I have a few questions about it

the first is the T- Mobilie 7100T capable of having a screen saver cause i ahve been having one hell of a time attempting to get it to work the FAQ screen gives you a how to but my doesn't seem to have the option that they are talking about

Another question is about the instant messanger I use Aim and i was wondering how the hell do you disable the sound on it
I tried putting the profile to quiet but it does nothing so every time I get a msg on aim i get a vibrate and a tone is their any way to silence this

Thanks in advance

NXTL*BRIAN 05-05-2005 03:44 PM

AIM Messegner...
I use a the IM program I downloaded here off the forums on my Nextel BB 7520. However, i'm sure that in the AIM program on your 7100T you can set the tones there. Most likely the program is using the volumes built in to the program and not the phone profile.

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