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Mac82 05-05-2005 10:10 AM

Outlook Tasks
I am new to the forums but not new to blackberry's I am a previous owner of a 6710 which I loved. I am now an owner of a 7250 and I don't mind the unit. I have having some trouble with outlook tasks using outlook2003. I setup my tasks as daily reminders so the task repeats all week long. When I setup my task in out look I set the days and the reminder time. Now when I am reminded of the task I select mark complete on the blackberry and if I am at my desk mark it off as complete in outlook.

When I resync the black berry it tells me that there is a conflict with the task and it will have the previous days date in due date area. So I hit resync and then it shows today’s date and marks the task off as complete. Now if I unplug and resync again I will get the same task as being due yesterday instead of today. If I don't click resync and just accept it puts the task back in outlook as the day before and turns it read as not completed.

I have searched the forums and I have not seen anything like this with tasks.

I am on a BES server
Desktop Manager Version
Software version on 7250 4.0 for all apps.

If anyone can help with suggestions please post.

Mac82 05-05-2005 02:56 PM

have I not been specific enough twenty views....

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