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cappy 05-06-2005 04:03 AM

When reply to message, attachment is not included
Hi all,

I don't have a Blackberry but many users at our sites do. The lady responsible for supporting them has just gone on holiday and we seem to have noticed an issue:

When I send an email with an attachment to a blackberry user, they recieve it fine with a working attachment. If they reply, the email is sent but the attachment is not. If they forward the message instead, the attachment is included OK.

I thought maybe this was because there would be no need to waste bandwidth by sending the attachment back to the original sender as they would already have it but if you reply to the original sender, and cc somebody new in the email, thay don't get the attachment either.

Any ideas whether this is a problem or whether there is a setting somewhere where I can switch this off.



javed 05-06-2005 04:14 AM

I believe this is by design and cannot be changed.

As with most email programs when you reply, it disregards the attachment as you will be sending the attachment back to the person who originally sent it!!! If you have cc'd someone into the reply they will only get the replied message and NOT the attachment. There is no setting that i have come accross that you can change, especially for the blackberry

You will need to perform a forward to send out an email with the attachment

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