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elecdave 06-08-2007 06:10 AM

Blackberry Web Client Issues
We've been using the Nextel Blackberry Web Client with our Blackberry 7520's. This past Saturday, (June 2), many of our users received the "DO NOT REPLY" message from the Blackberry Web Servers stating that our Accounts could not be reached.

This has happened maybe once or twice since we started using the Web Client about two years ago. The fix is to simply log into the Web Client and select "Edit" the account. Afterwards, we just click "Save", and the Web Client is able to function again with the email account. While we clicked "Save", no actual changes were made to the email account.

Since Saturday, we've been having to reset the accounts on a daily basis, and it's becoming a big nusance. We have about 20 Blackberry's, and the problem only appears to be happening with fifteen of the units. The units that are having the problem are running on the latest Web Client, while the 5 working units are still running on the old Web Client (the version where you can actually still see your folders online).

Anyone experiencing the same problems, and does anyone have any suggestions? We've spoken with Blackberry's Nextel support, and they said that they are experiencing issue with upgrading the Web Client on their end, but you would think it would have been fixed by now. Let me know.


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