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dulcamara 05-10-2005 07:25 AM

Confusion on hosted BES/MDS and imap mail
I just got a trial mailstreet account. I wanted the OWA outlook to be able to get to my imap mail at work. I do not want to sync to outlook on windows. I use MACs and linux 95% of the time, and only use windows for things like the BB Desktop manager. The support person at mailstreet seemed to say that I can't do imap from OWA.

The message I got from mailstreet was

"I'm sorry but the Outlook Web Access is not programmed to retreive email from other email accounts. With Outlook you could do this from a single profile."

Did I misunderstand? Is there something I can do on the windows partition of my laptop to make OWA get my imap mail. I have no idea what "do this from a single profile" means.

If I can get to my imap from the OWA on mailstreet, can I do that with link2exchange or someone else?

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