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Default EUREKA! Solution to "Error 628" and "Error 692" when using BlackBerry as Modem

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How To Fix Common BlackBerry Modem Connection Errors

This is an appendix to the BlackBerry FAQ,
"Use BlackBerry As Modem For Laptop"

Fixing Error 692

This is because the computer doesn't see the BlackBerry. Essentially, this is the same error you would get if your BlackBerry is completly disconnected. If this is the case, make sure you have fully set up your BlackBerry modem using the FAQ entry "Use BlackBerry As Modem For Laptop".

These steps are steps are easiest if you already hvae BlackBerry OS 4.2 and BlackBerry Desktop 4.2 ... If your BlackBerry is not running the latest, please upgrade to these versions. Also, please do not send private messages to the moderators (including myself) asking me questions -- it is best to post your questions publicly because the Inboxes of us volunteer moderators are already overflowing...

Fixing Error 628

* You manually added the BlackBerry modem driver; AND
* You consistently get an Error 628

You consistently got an "Error 628" trying to connect to the Internet when using BlackBerry as a modem for the laptop. (I came across a laptop where this happens)

Go to Control Panel -> Phone and Modem and Remove the modem. Re-add the modem by clicking on Add. You MUST select the "Standard 33600 bps Modem" (correct) INSTEAD OF "Standard 56000 bps Modem" (wrong). Click Next. You will be asked for the ports to add this modem to. Add this modem to all COM ports that the RIM Virtual Serial Port is on. If you are not sure of which COM ports the RIM Virtual Serial Ports are, go to Control Panel -> System -> Hardware -> Device Manager -> Ports (COM & LPT) ... This will tell you which COM ports your RIM Virtual Modem is on.

When a modem is added manually instead of automatically, most people try to choose the fastest possible modem. However, the "Standard 56000 bps Modem" entry transmits incorrect AT commands to the BlackBerry, which returns an "ERROR" instead of an "OK". This can be observed by watching the output of the logfile of the "View Log" button in Control Panel -> Phone and Modem -> Modems -> (select your BlackBerry modem) -> Diagnostics -> View Log. Viewing the log right after you try to connect to the Internet, reveals very technical details, right down to the individual AT commands transmitted to the modem. This revealed the exact cause of Error 628 which used some more-proprietary AT commands used by the "Standard 56000 bps Modem", which were not supported by the BlackBerry.

Actually, "Standard 300 bps Modem" all the way through to "Standard 33600 bps Modem", all behave the same speed using the BlackBerry, so it doesn't matter -- the speed is always the same.

This is a "Mark Rejhon BlackBerry FAQ" article.
Copyright (C) 2005 by Mark Rejhon, All Rights Reserved. Some portions may be Copyright (C) by respective forum members.
Mark Rejhon grants permission to use this article only for private use. For all other uses, please ask Mark Rejhon at Mark Rejhon - aka Marky - Home Page of Mark D. Rejhon to ask for permission to use this article. If any content of this article also contains content by other forum members, please ask them for permission too as well. This includes commercial use, public use, reposting in full/part anywhere on the Internet, publication in magazine/book or any other media, or any other use than private use. This copyright notice may not be edited or removed in any manner. Mark Rejhon reserves exclusive right to edit, remove, or restore this article, and this article may not be edited, removed, or restored by any other individual or organizations.
Mark Rejhon
Author of XMPP extension XEP-0301: - specification - open source

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