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lawsy 06-22-2007 02:48 AM

UK Newbie...will it go PAYG?
Morning folks.

I was always curious about these Blackberries so borrowed an old one for a
while (locked to O2), got it to work as a normal phone with a PAYG o2
sim, synch calendar etc. but I can't get the full email funcionality working.

I called o2 and they told me that I would need to go on contract but I
keep unearthening contrary info via google. Any thoughts? Any
experience of getting it going on PAYG?

Presently it says "Data connection refused".



penguin3107 06-22-2007 05:57 AM

Not possible to use pay as you go services for BlackBerry data.
You need an actual BlackBerry Data Plan. o2 is correct.

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