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Live_from_Toronto 10-04-2004 08:27 AM

Spam Spam Spam Spam, Unlovely Spam

Can any of you who are using BWC (Mine is Rogers) tell me how you are dealing with spam? I have a 1 MB Data plan, which they calime is good for 10-15 Emails a day. I am getting at least 10 which are spam, usually pharmacy. I am forwarding my mail from my main POP server, and it is shunting tons of spam my way.

Terribly frustrated , is there anything to be done?

RF :x

Live_from_Toronto 10-04-2004 09:07 AM

Nice typing
er, "Claim" Which they "Claim"

Gothalyptic 10-04-2004 09:16 AM

Set up filters on the BWC, easiest way to do it, that's exactly how I do it.

Live_from_Toronto 10-04-2004 09:18 AM

Is it simply a matter of puncihing in quite a lot of keywords? I have never taken the time to set up a set of filters like that before, but with this device, and paying for every Kb, it might be necessary.


Gothalyptic 10-04-2004 09:22 AM

Yep, you got it. Can have it set up to filter out the from address, the domain in the address, the subject, the body. Or any combination of those. Best way is domain in the from address, and subject. Break out the medical books and start punching in drug names ;) ESPECIALLY xxxxxx, vicodin oxycontin and a few select others you're getting spammed from.

Live_from_Toronto 10-04-2004 09:24 AM

I guess
I guess I will start going at it. the Pharma spam into my regular mailbox is irritating. Into my Blackberry it is intolerable.

Thanks for the advice.


ScOObydoo 10-04-2004 09:30 AM

Best options are to run all email through a spam killer like Spamcop, or your own Linux mail server with Spam Assassin.

The owner of this board offers hosting, and I think that comes with a spam filter, you just forward to that, and then from that (after spam filtering) to your Berry.

I run my own mailserver with Spamassassin and see no more than 1 or 2 spam emails PER WEEK :)

Live_from_Toronto 10-04-2004 09:36 AM

Would I
Would I sound like an idiot if I asked how I would forward the mail through a spam filtered server?

would it be simply ritchard's POP mail server...forward's everything to...spam filtered server...forwards cleaned mail to to...BWC...forwards everything to Berry?

Spammers have us eating up a lot of bandwidth only to avoid the crap that they are eating up bandwidth with.


sempai 10-04-2004 11:01 AM

I use SpamAssassin and TMDA.

I never see any spam at all. Live_From_Toronto, you can move your email somewhere else, to a mailserver that offers spam filtering. Ask your email administrator if they have any server-side filtering that they can perform for you.

Live_from_Toronto 10-04-2004 12:23 PM

Feeling idiotic again.

What is TMDA? How do you hook Spam Assasin up to it?

I have tried filtering Spam at the server side on my main POP account. It is catching a lot off it, it seems, but quite a lot is still getting through. I am not certain how sophisticated their filtering is.

Funny, more gets forwarded to the BB than is later collected by my Outlook.


sempai 10-04-2004 03:30 PM

That would be because you're filtering spam in Outlook, not on the server.

You need to ask your service provider what types of server-side filtering you have available to you!

How are you enabling these server-side filters? What are they?

These are questions that will help you decide if you need to move your email/domain services elsewhere. If they don't offer SpamAssassin and/or a challenge/response system, you will get spam.

sempai 10-04-2004 03:30 PM

p.s. I am totally going to hijack your word. "Berristas" is too frigging cute.

Live_from_Toronto 10-04-2004 03:34 PM

Party on, Wayne.


Live_from_Toronto 10-04-2004 04:11 PM

and as for the technical questions, I guess I am going to have to ring up Bell Canada, and ask them all about Spam reduction.

Hope they can help me, I would hate to change an Eamil address that I have had for years.


sempai 10-04-2004 07:02 PM

You wouldn't neccessarily have to change it - you could just have them forward it somewhere that can process and filter it, then send the filtered mail output to your BlackBerry.

Live_from_Toronto 10-04-2004 07:15 PM

Would you care...
Would you care to suggest place where I could "wash" my Email?

I have a Gmail account, but doubt that is the kind of spot you're talking about. To tell the truth I would rather not pay much if anything for this service, as I am kind of lumping it in with the cost of having the Blackberry. Ie., everything was fine until I got this addictive little device.

How can I be mad at Blackberry, when Backberry does so much for us?


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