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fordag 10-09-2007 01:48 PM

Tasks due date changes during sync
I have a couple of tasks that have no due date. However when I sync, the due date is changed from None to 11/28/2542 or 12/28/2038 or some other far off date. True that gives me plenty of time to get to the tasks on my list, but it screws up the sorting on the phone among other things. Anyone else have this kind of problem? Any solution for it?

The change is always from my Handheld Tasks to my Outlook Tasks. So I don't think it's Outlook

I am running Outlook 2000 SP-3 and I have an AT&T 8100 running 4.2, Desktop is also 4.2


fordag 10-10-2007 10:44 PM

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fordag 10-14-2007 11:02 PM

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fordag 10-18-2007 03:09 PM

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akosnitzky 10-21-2007 10:28 PM

Wirelessly posted (Verizon 8830: BlackBerry8830/4.2.2 Profile/MIDP-2.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.1 VendorID/105)

I assume you are a BIS user.
When there is a conflict, which wins?
Handheld or Outlook?
Do you put all of your appts in one location such as just device or just Outlook?

fordag 10-21-2007 10:33 PM

I am a BIS user.
It never shows as a conflict, simply as a change from the handheld to outlook, they are set to sync. The new date shows up in Outlook while the handheld still shows none for the date
I enter my appts in both the handheld and outlook.

It does not happen every time, if there are other changes in things like the calander or addresses it is less likely to occur, but still happens on occasion. It usually sticks with the same random date for a period then it doesn't do it, and when it starts again it's using a different random date


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