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nicolo 11-16-2007 03:28 PM

Blackberry sits around idly...
Has anyone come across this?

When my Blackberry 7105t is idle, it just sits there without initiating a connection to get new emails. There's a delay and I'm not sure why.
Only when I manually Reconcile, surf the Internet, turn wireless on/off, turn on Ramble etc or do any kind of manual connection sequence does it finally wake up and grab my emails. It's iffy, sometimes it's quick but recently it's super slow and I'm getting annoyed.

I've spent hours with Blackberry techs on the phones and they can't figure out what is wrong. They believe it's probably my device and that somehow someway, it doesn't respond or wake up, even though I get full signal and GPRS.

I checked everything include my service books, registered with a new router, rebuilt the entire handheld's OS, set wireless reconciliation on, etc etc but it still delays in getting emails.

Does anybody know what's wrong? I'm gonna have the SIM card replaced just to be sure...

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