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Nickster248 01-01-2008 09:09 AM

Problems Syncing Tasks on my BB 8830
I've run into a problem syncing over my tasks from Outlook to my BB 8830. The problem is that the BB will accept the task written in Outlook, but in addition to the date, the BB will also assign a time for the task to be completed, and the default time from what I've determined, is midnight.

What happens is that the task does sync from Outlook to my 8830, but because the 'time' the BB has assigned to the due date is midnight, all my tasks are virtually marked complete the second I sync them over.:-( I cannot see in any of the options, a place where I can set a default 'due time' for tasks on my BB. There isn't a way either that I can stipulate only the 'day' the task is due...I have to add a time in there as well, and that is not the way I handle my daily tasks.:-(

Has anyone found a way to change the default time for Task due dates on the BB 8830...or even find a way to eliminate the time factor?

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