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hulabird 07-23-2005 11:04 PM

Can't send or receive calls on 7290
Setup the new 7290 this weekend. Was able to make about 2 calls. From then on, any outgoing call is responded to by a chime from Cingular stating that calls to this number are not allowed. This is any number. When I try to call in to the phone, message states "At the subscriber's request, this phone does not accept incoming calls" I have checked and rechecked all the settings including the ones applicable in this case like call forwarding, FDN calling, call barring. I have also done a soft and hard reset. Am not able to contact Cingular. Has anybody experienced this problem? All the other services are available and working.

Thanks for your help

cbotd 07-24-2005 12:02 AM

Sim Card
Sounds to me like your SIM card is not set up with Cingular.

I got the same message from t-mobile with a card that had to be reactivated to the phone number.

Call Cingular supprort and they should be able to handle it over the phone in just a few minutes.

hulabird 07-24-2005 01:10 AM

That sounds very logical except...
Why would we be able to make a couple of calls before this happened? In any event, it sounds like the best idea. I'm going to give them a call tomorrow when they open at 12 eastern. Will report back the results.

Thank you very much

cbotd 07-24-2005 01:06 PM

Does Cingular have an internal number to dial from the phone for supprt?

T-mobile has 611. It doesn't matter if the card is active or not. 611 will always reach the t-mobile customer care line.

If cingular has a similar type number for their phones, you might try it. If you still get the chime, there could be bigger problems.

As far as making a few calls before it went funny, I really don;y know. Is this a transfered card from another phone? New from the store? Have you checked to make sure the SIM card hasn't wiggled itself loose?

Those are my best guesses. Good luck.

hulabird 07-24-2005 04:29 PM

Cingular does have 611 and it in fact tells you to call that number as its telling you that calls to whatever number you're dialing are not allowed. Then I get the same message when I call 611. I called them this morning but since its under my husband's govt job and I don't know who the billing comes under, they would not discuss the matter. That's fine by me and I'm glad they do it for security reasons since my purse with all credit cards, ID, $500 pocket PC and everything else was recently stolen and they ran up all my credit cards. So I have to wait til he goes to work tomorrow. It makes a lot of sense what you suggested and I'm sure that must be it since none of the phone's settings are wrong.

I'll give an update when its resolved so that people with this problem in the future might know how to get it fixed.

Thanks for your help.


cbotd 07-24-2005 04:32 PM

Sounds fixable at the least. Good luck and keep us posted.

hulabird 07-24-2005 04:52 PM

Yes I have checked the SIMS card and its installed correctly. It is a transfer of a Verizon phone number to Cingular. When I went to the Cingular website last night after I received your reply, there was a place to click to transfer a phone number. So I input the number and it came back with an error that this is not a Cingular number (hmmm, that's why I'm transferring it). But it did give the toll free number to call so that was a plus.

Your suggestion seems to be totally right on the money.I just have to wait til Monday to find out who the account is billed to. Thanks again and sorry I missed replying to all your questions in the previous post.

aau007 07-24-2005 05:38 PM

I get the same message on mine except I only have data service and no voice service on my BB.

By reading your posts, I have noticed a couple of points.
1. This is a new activation on Cingular.
2. The is a number porting from Verizon.
3. Neither you nor your husband have control over the billing account that this BB hooks to.

Point #3 is the most important. If the phone # originally belonged to you personally, you just gave away your phone number to under the government control. Cingular will refuse to talk to you regarding anything on the account or the BB unit unless you can prove to them that you are any authorized contact on the account (no, not authorized user, it is different). There are countless reasons why your phone behaves the way it is. The important thing is try to find out yourself if ANYTHING at all, works. Since you have verified that the voice is not working, now try the data. If the data works, your phone has been successfully ported over to Cingular and someone might have mucked with the account setting to disable voice. If nothing seems to work, check with Verizon to see if the porting has been rejected. When you requested the transfer, someone or some paperwork messed up and rejected the transfer request. It worked for a little bit since the Cingular was provisioned and then something caught on and "corrected" it. Both of these scenario explained why your voice worked for a few calls and stop; however, there might be other reasons. Without being an authorized contact on the billing account, it is tough cause I have a real story myself.

hulabird 07-24-2005 05:47 PM

This has been his gov't number for a few years now. They keep changing providers to try to find one on the island that doesn't have so many blind (deaf) spots. But this is the first change they've made where you get to keep your old number. They pay the bills so should have no problem fixing the problem with Cingular but he had to go all weekend without a phone when it usually rings all weekend with ship business. A pleasant development I'd have to say. He will have to talk to whomever handles this stuff tomorrow when he gets to work. I have a feeling that the problem is with everyone's phone in his office but haven't called anybody to check it out.

I was just checking with you folks to make sure I hadn't inadvertently missed something. I do appreciate the advice.

aau007 07-24-2005 06:14 PM

Keep in mind that it has nothing to do with who pays the bill. It is the 3 items; authorized contact of the account, the SSN or Fed. Tax ID associated with the account and the name the account is associated with, that you need to arm with when calling them.

hulabird 07-24-2005 07:50 PM

Thanks, I'm sure there's either someone in his office who is authorized or at least knows who is that can get it straightened out. Meanwhile Mr Hulabird is getting some long needed rest without listening to the phone ringing every few minutes. THANK YOU Cingular, Blackberry, and the Dept of Defense!!!

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