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sumit_5147 07-09-2008 07:23 AM

Blackberry application installation issue
Hi All,
I am using blackberry from last 1 year i have installed an application last 6months back, and it was working fine but now i have to download the newer version when i try to install the newer version i get an error i.e text/ file not acceptable can any one tell me what is this issue.

sumit_5147 07-09-2008 07:37 AM

i am using 8700g version 4.1 please help
Is that the problem with blackberry services.

sumit_5147 07-09-2008 07:54 AM

Is that issue because i have compiled that file using the RIM IDE version 4.1
and i have to compile it with the latest version

JSanders 07-09-2008 08:02 AM

Is there anyway you could please explain in a step by step what you have done, and what it is specifically that you are now trying to do? Please be specific: what application you installed, what newer version of what?

sumit_5147 07-10-2008 02:36 AM

I have installed j2me application in BB v 4.1 but now i am trying to install it on BB v 4.2
When i installed the application by OTA in V4.1 it got installed but when i tried to install it on v4.2 it tells do you want to save the file if i select yes it saves jad file

In v4.1 it did not asked for saving the application, it gets installed automatically once it is downloaded

Also i am unable to install it by desktop manager it gives error installation failed , m using desktop manager v4.1

sumit_5147 07-10-2008 02:36 AM

Please let me know if you want some more information

sumit_5147 07-10-2008 05:50 AM

The problem is with 4.2 version currently
Because it also does not work on pearl v4.2
Do i need to install desktop manager of higher version if yes do you know which version i shall use and if possible download link

One more thing i want to add is my service provider is Bharti

sumit_5147 07-16-2008 11:08 PM

I have called the service provider and they told me that u have to enable javascript first and then try downloading the application hope it works fine for me thanks to all

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