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ranyardm 07-22-2008 05:53 AM

Blackberry 7290 Sim problem
Hi All,

I have a 7290, unlocked (verified this, it's originally O2 UK, works fine with T-Mobile sim in it), but when I insert either of my 3 UK sims in it, it gives "Sim Card Error".

Software version is v4.10.351 (Platform 18.0.149) Kernel v3.8.3.7 which seems to be the latest available from O2 UK (I don't know if now it's unlocked I could get for example the Orange sw updates).

I'm pretty sure it's a sim card encoding thing (hutchinson is the parent co for 3 uk, and the sims work fine in most phones but not some really old phones) but I was wondering if anyone here had any advice 'cos I'd really prefer to use my contract sim (not that 3 do a bb plan, but I can at least use the local features) rather than the silly no-data payg sim.


Foxglove 07-22-2008 07:56 AM

Wirelessly posted


3 is a 3G network so their sim may not work in a 2G device.

I have also heard that not all unlocking procedures work with the 3 network for some reason.

On a more postitive note 3 are going to be getting their first blackberry shortly, the BlackBerry Bold :)

BTW you can use the OS update software from Orange providing you remove the vendor.xml file first. Instructions are in the link.

ranyardm 07-22-2008 08:43 AM

I'm actually quite au faix with the locking stuff - from what I know, and I'm assuming this is what you've heard, the reason some unlocking techniques don't work with 3 is because they are actually pretty good at hacking firmware about so that there's other locks in the phones they provide than the standard locks.

In terms of 3g/2g, the usim works fine in some 2g phones just not all. Irritating.

I'm not sure I'd upgrade to the blackberry bold, as my main phone is a smartphone anyway, I would just like to use this unlocked blackberry I have as a second line (it would have my 3g mobile broadband sim in if it could, when not in the modem).

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