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Default Can't open menu when editing forms in Browser

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Hello! I've been having a frustrating problem on my blackberry 8700g for months now. Can someone help?

Suppose you open your Blackberry Browser and you visit google dot com / m (the mobile google site). Now suppose you scroll your trackwheel so that the Google site link named "Feedback" is highlighted, then you click in the trackwheel, and a menu appears. This menu includes "Get Link", so you'd then click in on the trackwheel and you'd go to the link.

Now, suppose you start over. Open your Blackberry Browser and visit google again. Now, scroll your trackwheel so that your cursor goes into the search box form. Imagine you've typed in an impossibly complex search string, hundreds of characters long. Now imagine you want to erase the contents of the search field.

On my blackberry, I USED to be able to:
- Click the track wheel and bring up the menu
- Select "Clear field" from the menu

but NOW, when I click the track wheel, no menu appears! I have to hold in the backspace key until the entire field is cleared.

I am aware of some of the workarounds - for instance, hold Shift and then left scroll the trackwheel to select the entire field, then delete that - but the thing is, this used to work properly. Why doesn't it work anymore? I cannot trace this to a particular upgrade or time period. I have even tried upgrading my blackberry software and desktop manager. I recently got the 4.5.0 desktop manager, and my handheld reports under Options -> About that its version is v4.2.1.107 (Platform

Without the ability to bring up the menu while in form fields, I can't easily and quickly pick Select, or Clear Field, or Copy, or Paste! It's especially annoying when i try to bring up Driving Directions, and they have prefilled "Enter an Address" and I have to delete that slowly before I can do my search. Granted, I can still get most things done, but it's very annoying.

Can anybody help me? I will be happy to provide more information if necessary.
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Default This is a problem in 4.2

I have the same problem and a case open with RIM. If they are able to resolve it, I'll let you know, but right now your only option is to go back to 4.1
You will lose your ability to view XML pages natively in the browser, and you won't be able to switch input languages, but otherwise 4.2 doesn't offer anything new, as far as I could tell.
My guess is 4.2 was developed for devices with the new BlackBerry menu button, kind of looks like BlackBerry logo, and it opens the menu. RIM only briefly tested it on the old 8700s, saw that it worked, more or less, and now won't bother with it anymore. They have moved on to 4.5
RIM doesn't care about 8700s anymore because they don't sell them.
Let me know if you find a fix or a workaround. I seem to remember there were keyboard shortcuts for Copy and Paste. Maybe if there is one for Select All, you can use that and then delete.
Good luck.
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I called RIM, and they finally acknowledged the problem. "There will be a fix", they say, but don't hold your breath: the fix is already in the newer versions of the OS, so we are talking about a patch for 4.2, which I don't think is ever going to happen, but even if it did, T-Mobile will not bother to test, verify, certify, and post it on their site, so you are not going to get it.
Solution: install 8700M_PBr4.5.0_rel152_PL2.7.0.90_A4.5.0.110_AT&T.e xe
I got it from this site, just search for 8700 v4.5.0.152
I can't post the link because I'm a newbie on this forum, but it's
www dot blackberryforums dot com slash general-8700-series-discussion slash 170507-latest-os-8700-4-5-0-174-4-5-0-124-english-east-asian dot html pound sign post1246732

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