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malsadig 08-05-2008 09:40 AM

CANT reload OS 4.2 nor 4.5, i tried everything
HELPPPPPPP!, i tried everything to, i can't reload 4.2 nor 4.5. and i'm about to run over my ALLTEL 8830 with my car. can anybody help, PLEASEEEEEEE?:cry:

jsconyers 08-05-2008 09:53 AM

There is no official release of 4.5 for the 8830, just betas. I would wait until it is officially released, but that is just me.

What state is the device in? Does it load at all? is it stuck on a jvm 507 error?

Start with removing everything from the device : How do I wipe the BlackBerry using Jl Cmder? - BlackBerryFAQ

What to do next if Jl Cmder will not connect and wipe - BlackBerryFAQ

Once it is wiped, try loading the most current officially released OS for your device:

Follow the directions in the links and you should be good to go. Best of luck to you (y)

malsadig 08-05-2008 10:20 AM

i did a clean wipe on the phone and it took it back to the original os i had 4.5.33 on it i think and i wanted to go to the 4.5.51 os, now it won't, JL Cmdr won't work on my Vista for some reason, not sure why. i used to be able to upgrade and downgrade, now my phone won't do it anymore. no error msgs.

NickfromIL 08-05-2008 10:32 AM

are you running the application as administrator?

malsadig 08-05-2008 11:29 AM

i am, still didn't work, i'm gonna unstall everything( desktop manager, and black berry os) from the computer and try it again, i just don't know why it's doing that.

NickfromIL 08-05-2008 11:58 AM

Are you plugging the BB directly into the BACK of the pc? USB hubs wont work, and usually the front USB ports don't have enough power.

tpoon 08-05-2008 12:01 PM

When you're using Vista, make sure all of your AVS is off as well.

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paulmac 08-05-2008 12:39 PM

Are you using a new version of the desktop manager? When I downgraded my 8830 it a first did not see the older version. But then I clicked on applications loader icon, then start under update appications. It then showed the older OS version and would downgrade. One more thing, you could first go into control panel, add remove programs and delete any other versions of the device OS you see there, other than the one you want to use. Make sure vendor.vml is deleted, then re-start the desktop software and try it again.

John Clark 08-05-2008 12:47 PM

If the vendor.xml file is deleted (check this because it installs with every installation of an OS or DM) then DM will load the latest version of the OS installed on the PC for a given model. If you want to downgrade, simply uninstall any newer versions using Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel and then run application loader.

malsadig 08-05-2008 01:38 PM

thank you all for the tips, but i'm still not able to load os 4.2 nor 4.5, i uninstalled everything and reinstalled, deleted the vendor.xml, nothing worked. not sure what's going on here, but i got the feeling that my phone is dying. Thank you all.

malsadig 08-05-2008 02:05 PM

JL CMDR still didn't work , plugged in directly, this is driving me crazy.

xpider 08-06-2008 05:43 PM

error 507
i wipe my BB with JL_cmder. i follow the steps, but when i start the desktop manager it shows " disconnected-bb desktop manager" click on " application loader" on connection shows "usb-pin" and the pin #. on the following screen is ghosted. cannot load the os to the BB.

malsadig 08-07-2008 03:08 PM

error 507, i'm still having an issue with loading any updates OSm no idea why. i'm thinking Iphone now. :( (kidding)

Error 507, r u in MN?

jsconyers 08-07-2008 03:11 PM

Error 507 indicates no OS on the device.

What version of OS do you have installed on your computer? What version of DM are you using?

malsadig 08-07-2008 03:54 PM

This is the msg that i got after i used the manual way to reload OS ( the blackberry desktop software doesn't have blackberry device software for the device that you have connected to the computer. Contact your wireless service provider or system admin. )

now, i know it's not a good idea to call alltel because i know more than most of their DTS group. and i'm the Admin of this system. any more ideas my people? thanks.

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