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klmgb 08-14-2008 08:47 PM

Changing Computers
I have a 8830 from Alltel, using BIS. Had no problem loading desktop manaer originally. I am trying to change computers and attempted to load DM from the CD - no go. I get to the point were it says install, click install and it stays there So I downloaded what I thought was the desktop manager from BB site. Its not what I thought. This is just a device manager. Doesn't do anything really. Can't even use it to sync outlook. I'm sure y'all know what I'm looking for in the DM, able to use to load/convert videos, music, jpegs, etc... Sync to outlook, etc. Where did I do wrong Where can I get the desktop manager instead of the device manager Or how can I use he device manager to sync outlook, which is may main concern. Sorry this is so long, but I'm confused.

Thanks for any help

Dubdub 08-14-2008 11:01 PM

Are you using a company supplied laptop that might have 3rd party applications locked out?

You need Desktop Manager to syn contacts and calendar. From the FAQ:

BlackBerry Desktop Manager Downloads - BlackBerryFAQ

kchuck 08-15-2008 05:02 PM

BTW, I'm not sure if it is only in my case, DM 4.2 seems more stable than 4.5 here using win2000.

Dubdub 08-15-2008 05:48 PM

Win2000 might be the problem. If DM 4.2 works for you, then don't upgrade to 4.3, 4.5 or 4.6. Stick with what works.

Did you try to install DM 4.2 (or better yet 4.1)?

kchuck 08-16-2008 06:56 AM

the 4.6 is still usable with fancy interface, just that it's sometime stuck and need a reboot.

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