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Significant 08-18-2008 12:53 AM

desktop manager
ive been having trouble trying to get my desktop manager to install... well i just got my blackberry not to long ago off ebay... its a 8700 and first i tried to install the 4.5 dm and i couldnt get it to recognize my blackberry under detected devices... my brother told me to try 4.2 because its what he was using so i uninstalled 4.5 and i try to go through deleting everything that was listed in the how to performed a clean uninstall thread but its kinda hard to figure it out cause i have vista... anyways im pretty sure i got all the files deleted and when i try to install the 4.2 dm it says that it has been interrupted... ive tried searching the forum and my computer for more install files for 3 days but had no success... if anyone else that has vista could help me out that would be great...

barbwyr 08-18-2008 12:56 AM

I have heard you may need to right click on the DM install file and select install as Administrator. I had no problem with 4.2 or 4.5 on my wife's Vista laptop so that's the extent of my advise.

Significant 08-18-2008 01:26 AM

thanks... i just tried it but it still gave be the interrupted note...

barbwyr 08-18-2008 01:36 AM

If 4.5 worked before I would try that again...then work on why it's not seeing your BB.

Significant 08-18-2008 01:42 AM

ill give 4.5 another shot but my brother said that it was because it has to many bugs...

Ricky-Ray 08-18-2008 01:43 AM

I would try a complete remove and reinstall of the DM and 4.5. You have to do the install with an account that has local administrator rights. I'm not sure about Vista but in XP there are several locations you can look for installs from RIM.

c:\program files\Research In Motion
c:\program files\Common Files\Research In Motion
c:\documents and settings\username\application data (this is hidden by default)
c:\documents and settings\username\Blackberry Desktop

If you see any of the above folders you can just delete them.

You'll also need to delete the registry key's too. Click on Start, Run, and type in "regedit" and hit enter.


Reboot the machine and rerun the install of Desktop Manager. Good Luck

Significant 08-18-2008 01:47 AM

i tried to delete 4.5 manually the first time and thats where i think i messed up but i was able to find them in the c drive in both program files and program files (86) and also found them in the registry... but everytime i search my computer now it says theres nothing else for rim... also... this is the most help ive ever gotten from a forum... i really appriciate it...

barbwyr 08-18-2008 01:48 AM


Originally Posted by Significant (Post 1064101)
ill give 4.5 another shot but my brother said that it was because it has to many bugs...

Many folks here are usin 4.5 DM with no issues. I for one have not found bug one. Now if he is referring to an OS upgrade on the phone that's a different story. 4.5 has had some issues but most are fixed with the latest offerings.

hell 08-18-2008 09:28 AM

I do it without any problem. I update First to OS 4.2 and then to OS 4.5.

No problem at all. I also have DM 4.3. I dont need anything to fancy because the 8700 it is not the newest phone, so why DM 4.5???. Try this way.

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