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danoppelt 08-21-2008 08:37 AM

IT Policy / Firewall settings
I got a used 8800 from a co-worker that was attached to a company BES. I do not plan on being added to that BES so I found a way online to remove the IT Policy by wiping the blackberry and a few other things. That worked the IT Policy doesnt show up anymore. But now I've installed a few applications (Where, and Opera Mini) and when they start up I get messages saying "The application xxxxxx has attempted to open a connection to a location inside the firewall and outside the firewall which is not allowed by your IT Policy" Is there a way to disable this now that the IT policy is removed?

rambo47 08-21-2008 10:00 AM

Your IT policy doesn't sound like it's been removed. It's still restricting your BB. Just wiping the device won't remove the policy. Did you follow the procedures outlined in the BB Faq section?

danoppelt 08-21-2008 11:00 AM

Yeah that is how I wiped it. The IT policy no longer shows up under Options - Security - General Settings. I was also able to disable the passwords afterwards which I could not do prior. Under Options - Security - Firewall it is set to enabled and I cannot disable it. Default permissions are set to allow everything.

neilin63 08-21-2008 04:46 PM

I am having the same problems! I also have an 8800 bought off a friend and cannot get rid of the IT policy. Do you know how to? I can't add BlackBerry messenger!!!

danoppelt 08-29-2008 09:43 AM

I was able to get rid of it finally by doing the following:


Downloads required:

Desktop Manager v4.3 Available HERE

JL_Cmder, a batch file, compiled by d_fisher, from Blackberry available HERE

And, the last, you have to find yourself. Please, don't pm or email or PIN or send smoke signals, lol.

The beta 4.5 OD for your Blackberry is VERY IMPORTANT to get, it's the only reason this works.

This has been tested with 4.5 on the 8310, by myself, and another member, who i hope posts up.

I got the idea, because the JL_Cmder command is for OS 4.3 devices, so i will say

Supported Devices: 8100, 8300, 8310, 8320, 8800, and if needed the 8700.
*The 8110, 8120, 8130, and 8330 can just download the JL_Cmder file, and use the resettofactory option*


1. download and install the needed software, from the available links.
make sure to DELETE the VENDOR.XML file

2. BACKUP your device, using Desktop Manager.

3. Connect your BB and upgrade the software to BETA 4.5, no need to
backup, as we have a good one we just made, and it saves a bunch of
time, any release version is ok, as we are going to remove it later. Approx.

4. Open JL_Cmder, and use the RESETTOFACTORY option, #5. it will prompt
to type blackberry, as it IS GOING TO WIPE the device. Then it will popup
a RED screen, and prompt you to remove the battery!!( I removed the BB
from the PC, and remove the battery, wait 1min or so and reinstall it.

5. Once the device boots up, go to options>security>general, and see if says
**no services**. If so, thats good that means the IT Policy is
COMPLETELY gone. Then go to firewall, and make sure
there is no red lock, and you are able to toggle enabled/disabled.

6. using the add/remove programs, remove the 4.5 beta, as we don't want
that, we want the OFFICIAL release. Plug your BB into your PC, open
Desktop Manager and it will prompt you to load the 4.2 OS. Load it, Making
SURE not to backup and restore, and then let it take it's course.

7.Once the BB initializes, you can then repeat the steps in step 5, and if all is
good, then Restore from the file we made in step #2

A few hours, but NO IT POLICY!

No restrictions, no locked firewall, Nothing!!!

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