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ark42 08-25-2008 06:30 PM

windows live messanger
i have the blackberry 8700 g

i previously had the oz messaging service installed...but i was never too thrilled with it so i decided to delete it. i attempted to download the aim/aol program but there was nothing offered for my phone. if there is an aol/aim messaging app for the phone please let me know..

i settled for windows live messanger. i downloaded the app/program i entered my login information it attempted to connect t hen


i was wondering if this was something i could ENABLE on my end. or if i have to call tmobile. or if it is not possible to enable this...
i figured it must be a setting i missed being it allowed me to download the actual program. but if anyone has any ideas please let meknow thanks

betterlate1 08-25-2008 08:55 PM

I used this link to load the latest version of Windows Live Messenger and it works great on my 8700c. I can IM from the States to smileycamper in the UK no problem.

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