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ledgerbar 08-29-2008 07:25 PM

8830 e-mails dropped
I bought a BB 8830 from Bell Mobility on 4Apr08. I use GMail for my BB e-mail on a stand-alone basis (i.e. not through an Enterprise Server). I just discovered that a few e-mails get dropped after a while. Interestingly the "Welcome from Bell Mobility" message I received on 4Apr08 is still on my BB. However several G-Mail messages sent to my BB G-Mail e-mail after that have been dropped. The earliest message still on my BB is dated 18May08. A number of messages between 4Apr08 and 17May08 have been dropped. My "status" shows I still have 12,185,167 bytes available. Amazingly, I called Bell Blackberry tech suppoort. They indicated this is a known issue and the only solution they gave is a "memory leak" solution of removing my BB battery and putting it back in after 30 seconds. I am running the latest OS offered by Bell and that is V4.2.2.196 . Is there a setting on my BB that I am not aware of that would eliminate this annoying problem?
Thanks for your help.

rambo47 08-29-2008 08:01 PM

Open your main Messages folder and use the Menu key to go to Options > General Options and scroll down. How long to you have your BB set to keep your messages? Mine was set for 6 months and I changed it to "forever", which just means "until I delete them manually". If it's set for 6 months it will start auto-deleting mail as each message becomes 6 months old.

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