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Lightbulb DIY: Replace Screen Lens

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I chipped my screen lens so I bought a new one. Unfortunately replacing it isn't as easy as undoing some screws but the process really isn't very hard if you take your time. If you don't have patience, I recommend replacing the entire face for just a few dollars more. My keypad was also wearing down pretty heavily so instead of getting a new black keypad, I decided to make my phone a bit more unique and bought a red pad. I had to modify it slightly so it looked like it belong but I'll save that for a different thread.

Here is the chip in the lens. I was having a hard time getting a picture of the actual chip so what you're looking at is the shadow it casts:

(some of these images are clickable for a larger image)

These are the items and tools I used.

They are as follows:
Mini boxcutter
Bondhus T5 Torx driver(buy a quality driver, it's worth it)
Electrical tape
Scotch Double-sided tape
(the pliers and lapel pin are for the keypad mod and not needed here)

I also laid out an old light-colored towel so nothing will roll away and I could see anything I dropped.

For starters, you'll need to disassemble your 8800 completely. If you've never done this before, refer to this link. Please note that the portion of the side-plates next to the screen are double-sided taped on so they will require a bit more 'finesse' to free.
BlackBerry 8800 Repair Tutorial - Alcatel, BenQ-Siemens, NEC, Apple, Acer, Accessories Store, 3G, BlackBerry, Pana

Now comes the fun part. The lens is attached with double-sided tape. Take your mini boxcutter apart and wrap some electrical tape around the end. I only need about as much as you can see in the image but it depends on how you hold it. Slowly push the tip underneath the lens while giving a slight twist to keep the sharp edge off the frame. This isn't to try to pop off the lens. The twisting force is only to make sure the cutting edge might only damage the lens while saving the frame. We're replacing the lens anyways so it doesn't matter if we damage it. Once you've got it through you should look something like this.

The sides and bottom will be fairly easy but the top will be tricky. Since the lens wraps up over the top slightly, you'll have to push the blade in from the sides. That's why I chose the mini boxcutter; it's razor sharp, very thin and very long. There are a couple of locating dowels on the lens on either side of the speaker opening that sit in pockets on the frame, they will give you some resistance but you should be able to cut right through them.

If you've been patient, you should look like this(the piece to the left is the new lens, don't mind it):

Remove all of the glue from the frame, it will roll up nicely.

Once you've removed all of the glue, wash the frame with soap and water.

Now it's time for the new tape. I had a hard time getting a good picture of how I laid out the new tape so I outlined it in red. Stay between the screen opening and the red lines. The tape needs to surround the screen opening 100% so no dust can get in. The boxcutter comes in handy to get nice straight cuts to get the tape to butt up perfectly.

Those small circles also need to be free of tape since that's where the locating dowels rest.(Make sure you've removed the ones that got cut off the old lens!)

DON'T INSTALL THE LENS YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know you're probably itching to get it on by now but the lens fits perfectly snug in between the side covers and if it's misaligned just the slightest bit, one of your side covers wont stay on and you'll have a gap on the other side.

Now what you need to do is reassemble the unit. You don't need the keypad, trackball, battery or battery cover. You don't need any screws either. Just the front and rear frame, internals and the side plates. Clean the old double-sided tape off the sides and/or side-plates before snapping them back on.

NOW it's time to put on the lens. There are two hooks at the top of the lens that latch into the frame.

You'll need to get the lens at a very low angle before the hooks will slide into place, even more so than this image, I was unable to take a picture while holding it low enough but you should start about here.

Once you get the lens in place, take the phone back apart and squeeze the lens against the frame making sure it's seated against the tape all aorund. You can put your phone back together and enjoy your brand-new, crystal-clear screen lens!

(they sent me a World Edition lens accidentally. Oh well HAHA)
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Good work, and great detailed instructions!

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Thank you, thank you, thank you. This one's getting bookmarked.
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