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ncorrieri 09-15-2005 03:04 AM

Questions about 7100t (voice qual, features)
Ok - first question. Is it true to the other fat bb's that you need a headset of sorts to get good sound quality out of the phone?

I am a mumbling idiot.. if i have a hard time coming across to people on the other end, I wind up using 5x the minutes repeating myself ;)

Ive heard people talk on older handsets - ick.

How does the new 1 stack up?

2nd question, is there a push to Voice Command feature? and is it voice recog? Not some bs programmed per phone book entry setup (i heard that from somewhere)

For instance, a feature i really love is the push voice recognition software on my current samsung. Ive seen mixed reports. Stuff saying theres no voice commands, then some saying there is no hands free commands, and some saying that god is a transvestite who is on steroids and South Beach Diet.
Whats the skinny on the voice command/recognition side?

Last but not least - How's the reception stack up to your older blackberrys? I know BB tends to kick ass for reception. More than 1x ive seen the fat bb's come in 1/4+ signal where other phones are dead. Is this still the case with the 7100?

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