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tdenney 09-20-2005 01:38 AM

Synchronize with ACT!
I can not get my Blackberry 7100 to sychronize with ACT 5.0/2000. The setup in Desktop Manager is correct. The Intellisync runs. It reads the Act database. It supposedly sends the contact infromation to the BB Address Book. It finishes. I close the Destop Manager. Seems to be perfect.

Unfortunatly, the contact information is not in the Blackberry. On several attmepts, there was no information at all. On several other attempts, the Address Book showed the correct number of contacts I wanted to import, but in the Address Book they were listed as <No Name> with not a single piece of data.

I get the same result when I try to import the same ACT data saved to an ACSII file. On the otherhand, when I export the same ACT data to MS OUtlook and run Intellisync, then the sync process works. Why only with MS Outlook?

Any solution other than Companion Link?

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