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Maddenman 09-22-2005 04:41 PM

images on 7290
hi all< my 7280 was reacently lost and i got a forced upgrade to 7290.
its a little slower than the 80 but all around more versatile. i noticed that it comes with a picture viewer and that the pictures within the viewr can be advanced as well as saved to wallpaper or screen saver. what do i do to get more images in to that database. i was once able to save an image from a website but the image was selectable and was a link. when i try to save a non selectable image (as done in pc or mac: save image as) theres no available option to save. i tried buying other image viewers. acsendo loads images from desktop to bb but alls you can do with it is view it. so does image wallet except for the wap instead of usb. eFile does the same as well as a bunch of other stuff. im guessing that what i actually need is to figure out what the saving path is for the images and then combine that with making the option to dave it in to the disired directory available. any thoughts? im all ears.
btw: apollogies in advance for any ignorant moves on my part, i registered for the first time minutes before this post.

Maddenman 09-24-2005 02:47 PM

i guess getting no replies was better than being bombarded my users telling me to read the manual. you can save any image from the web by selecting it via thumb pressing to get a menu and selecting the mode then the image becomes selectable and choose to save it.

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