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codeworks 09-23-2005 10:07 AM

WAP, GPRS, Browsers & Cingular
I managed to get the unlocked 7100 setup on Cingulars unlimited plan. The email works great. However, the data services or web browsing does not.

Again, I know these questions have been answered, but it seems like every message I read contradicts the previous one, so I will ask the specific questions I am looking for.

The phone says GPRS on top.

When I use the IM application on the blackberry, it cannot connect. I get an unidentified 10 digit numer or something with a long string of numbers after that. Do I need to set something else up?

That brings me to my next question... When I go in to the browser, I get the generic Cingular MediaNet options. Is there any way to get a true browsr functionality?

In the TCP settings, what do I put in there for the APN? Do I put in my standard user ID and password?

Thanks much.

aureatenova 11-22-2005 10:42 AM

how did you get it set up? i have an unlocked 7100t and I also have cingular. i dont have the unlimited plan though

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