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scomea 09-28-2005 11:25 PM

Reconciliation-Deleting Email Everywhere
Cingular, 7100G, 4.0.2, BB Experience Level: 8 weeks, BES 4.0.
All of my activity (messages, calls) display on the default Cingular message screen. When I file an email in another folder (same folders that are in Outlook Desktop) on the HH, the message is now located in the HH Inbox, Cingular message screen. The I "reconcile now". Now the message is in the same folder on my desktop Outlook.
When I delete the message from the Cingular screen, it also deletes from the folder on the HH in which it was filed and also from my Outlook desktop folder in which it was filed.

1. How can file a message in a folder on the HH and Outlook, but have it deleted from the Cingular screen?
2. How do I delete all activity on the Cingular messsage screen without all disappearing? :-o


scomea 09-29-2005 04:45 PM

I fixed the issue by turning on prompt when deleting emails.

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