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JATN 09-29-2005 06:24 PM

so clueless with all technology stuff....need help
Hi - I am totally new to Blackberry. I have a G4 Powerbook. I don't currently use Entourage (but am willing, just don't know how to). I need to sync my Blackberry with my computer. I have been told about a PocketMac but I don't know what to do. Do I need to buy this? How do I use entourage? I am currently just using my online school email account. Please help - I suck at technology but I am trying to get better.

JATN 09-29-2005 06:25 PM

by the way - i have a 7100g Blackberry.

inkwirer 09-30-2005 01:28 AM

Not to worry, but you will need very prepared attention span
you can use pocketmac with your mac laptop (or ibook whatever you'd like to call it). download the p[ocketmac software and install, but do not plug any cables in your mac first until the installation prcedure ionstructs you so. the converters for your ical will automatically be configured and also for your address book. if you'd like to use entourage the only thing you'll be able to use from it is its address book capability. i must comment on this though, do try to install and learn one before the other, two proprietary softwares means two sets of learning curbs. good luck

jax 09-30-2005 03:34 AM

You don't need to use Entourage if you don't want to. PocketMac can sync contacts, calendar events, tasks and notes from a number of different sources on your Mac (including Entourage or the built in Mac OSX applications e.g. Address Book, iCal, Stickies).

If you're already using the Apple applications to manage your contacts and schedule then I suggest you keep on using them.

Your email isn't synced through your Mac - you download your email online either through the Blackberry Web Server (an internet site lets you configure the options) or Blackberry Enterprise Server (configured by your systems administrator).

You do need to buy PocketMac for Blackberry - available from or it's sometimes available free from your provider (I got my version free from Vodafone in the UK). Make sure you install PocketMac from an administrator account on your Mac.

Good luck - any problems, just post your questions on this site. There's a few of us Blackberry Mac users out here who can help!

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