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inkwirer 09-30-2005 02:01 AM

Blackberry and Bluetooth
I just recenlty acquired a 7100g, i am a Treo 650 convert, i finally discovered i'm more of a "reach-out-and-be-reached" kind of guy than a "be seen with it" type of person.

Upon "pairing" the 7100g with most bluetooth headsets i notice that upon successful pairing the bluetooth devices "activate" and " deactivate" their connections on each press of "any" button on the blackberry device. To give you a more animated description -the bluetooth devices, while listening to their speakers, hiss-on and hiss-off upon pressing any key. When you press a key, a hiss comes on and when you press another the hiss comes off. This happens even when the keys pressed have nothing to do with accessing the device directly or indirectly.

I thought this minor issue would not pose a problem, but if you use the 7100 series blackberry with any Bluetooth Car Hands Free Kit Device that has a radio mute or attenuator (a mechanism in the kit/device that mutes the radio when an incoming call goes through ar an outgoing call is commenced) it makes your radio go on and off intermittently as you press keys on it. The glicth was cute at first but now it is driving me nuts having to listen to my radio go on and off like i was in a Texan stop dance contest. Now i can't touch my blackberry in the car once th bluetooth kit detects it unless i really need to or when i'm in the mood to listen to my radio mute on and off at the touch of the keys.

And upon even closer inspection, blackberries cannot exchange objects via bluetooth when inititated from the unit, like for example sending pictures via bluetooth. This is a very compromising situation because bluetooth's was deviced to make it possible for devices to exchange any electronic data, it is not a glitch but a voluntary limitation set by RIM themselves. Why so?

I have to bring this matter up to RIM. Any advice around here?

By the way i have also bench tested the problem with all bluetooth enabled blackberry devices and it's the same issue time and again.

penguin3107 09-30-2005 06:16 AM

RIM limited Bluetooth to headsets only.. and just recently adopted some bluetooth keyboards as well.
Data transfer is disabled for security reasons. It's not a bug or a glitch. Maybe this will change in the future... but that's the way it is now. I doubt an e-mail to RIM is going to change that.

ufkal 09-30-2005 06:45 AM

I had that problem (the popping and hissing) with my 7100T. I went through 3 different headsets and the problem never was solved. I even ordered an exact replacement of one of my more favorite headsets and it was the same thing. I completly wiped my phone and reloaded the OS and added programs one at a time. This fixed the problem. I now have a decent connection with my bluetooth. Try reloading your OS. Good Luck!!!

texasag90 09-30-2005 11:41 AM


Originally Posted by inkwirer
I just recenlty acquired a 7100g, i am a Treo 650 convert, i finally discovered i'm more of a "reach-out-and-be-reached" kind of guy than a "be seen with it" type of person.

Me too. Felt the same wonderful introspective self actualization after dumping my HP iPAQ 6315.

Regarding Bluetooth and RIM -- they are in the corporate no-nonsense secure email phone business. No cameras and no chance for hacked data via BT. It is a corporate strategy for them -- and corporate IT types love it.

inkwirer 10-04-2005 02:33 AM

Thank you all for your replies. I guess it's back to reinstalling the OS then. It is really beginning to suck this on and off mute thing in my car! Yeesh. 10-04-2005 07:55 AM

I have installed a VControl bluetooth car kit for use with my 7100G and it works well. It does not go through the radio.

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