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Petskin 12-19-2008 01:57 PM

Difference between the 8700t and 7100t
Hi all, new to this forum. I presented this same posting to the 7100-division, but just to better the chances of getting my question answered I'll post it here too:
What is the main difference between the 7100t and the 8700t bb's?
And I do not mean the keypad! Reason I'm asking is I have both models and
with the 8700 I can browse the internet with Opera Mini, with the 7100 no can do! Why? I am not on BES, BIS, beer or any substance. I have this SIM card from a carrier here in Finland, a GPRS contract. With the 8700 I see "gprs" as the connection, same with the 7100 with the same SIM card, but I can only connect to the net with the 8700. I also have a SIM card from another carrier here in Finland and it's the same thing with this card: internet 8700, no internet 7100. Why? OS on the 7100 is, on the 8700, but it worked just the same with OS 4.2. Both handhelds are unlocked and with blank IT-policies (downloaded from this forum). I've read about this uppercase/lowercase GPRS-thing on this and other forums, but nowhere have I found mentioned the reason for getting lowercase or uppercase. If someone
out there is in the know, please, enlighten me.

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