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pjrouse 11-09-2005 11:51 AM

Bluetooth on 7100x - Sync with Desktop Manager?
Is it possible to use bluetooth on a 7100x to sync with the desktop manager software?

I found this doc on the knowledge base but it wasnt too clear

This document describes Bluetooth features supported by Bluetooth-enabled BlackBerry Wireless handhelds and the BlackBerry 7100-Series.
Headset Profile and Hands Free Profile

Headset Profile (HSP) or Hands Free Profile (HFP) support is required to enable wireless voice capabilities with most headsets and some car kits. When the HSP and HFP are both available, use the HFP because it offers more functionality and better performance.
Bluetooth Virtual Serial Port Profile

Accessible through the Java Development Environment, Serial Port Profile (SPP) support is for establishing a serial connection between a handheld and a Bluetooth device with a serial port interface. Visit the BlackBerry Developer website for more information.
Integration with the BlackBerry phone application

Bluetooth functionality is seamlessly integrated with the BlackBerry phone application. During a phone call, you can activate a paired Bluetooth device by clicking the handheld trackwheel in the phone application and selecting Activate <Bluetooth device>. You can also transfer the audio back to the handheld using the Activate Handset option.

During a phone call, if a paired Bluetooth device goes out of range, the audio is automatically returned to the handheld’s ear piece and microphone.

Some HFP- and HSP-enabled Bluetooth devices, such as headsets and car kits, have an option to mute locally.



martin_j001 11-10-2005 02:42 PM

this thread has the info you want....

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