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YaMaKoV 11-20-2005 05:16 PM

files transfer through USB
I just bought a new 7105t blackberry phone today. It seems to be a great device. I just have a question and excuse if it has been asked hundreds of times by other members. I am trying to transfer ringtones and pictures from my laptop to my phone through he USB cable, but I can't figure out how, I have downloaded the desktop software, but still can't get to do it.
Thank You,

NJBlackBerry 11-20-2005 05:22 PM

It HAS been asked hundreds of times. Hundreds and hundreds.

There are several stick threads on ringtones and pictures - anything for the 7100 series will work for the 7105t. Please read the sticky threads.

YaMaKoV 11-20-2005 05:46 PM

I can only find websites where you can find ringtones not how to transfer it with the USB!!!
Thank You,

ventmore 11-20-2005 06:10 PM


Originally Posted by YaMaKoV
I can only find websites where you can find ringtones not how to transfer it with the USB!!!
Thank You,

You can't!


KonTiki 11-20-2005 06:11 PM

Read the threads on ringtones at this very site by doing a search on ringtones using the blue button at the top of the page cleverly disguised as "SEARCH".

andrebsd 11-20-2005 07:00 PM

Easyest way is to E-Mail it to yourself. You can't transfer ringtones to your phone over USB and you can't transfer photos to your phone over USB (without a 3rd party program; though as far as those go... use the search button. Most the time I would search for you; but I can't stand people that use excessive !!! - You don't need to be "yelling" at us.)

YaMaKoV 11-20-2005 07:34 PM

I really was not yelling, did not know that excessive !!! means yelling. Anyway I really appreciate your help. I just want to add that my phone does not have internet service yet, so I guess I cant email them to myself right?
any more suggestions?

lraed74 11-20-2005 07:41 PM

If your able to receive email now, you can just send them to yourself. If not, then lookup a data plan with your provider

ptzchris 11-20-2005 07:45 PM

Yamakov check your pms

nyc_medic 11-20-2005 07:47 PM

There are a million threads on this. Look on the homepage for 7100 guides. Use also the button on top of header called search.

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