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minignaz 11-21-2005 09:46 AM

7100x opening email attachments
Hi there,

this is a query, I just hope Im in the correct place.

I've just got the 7100x, and I can send and recieve emails with it, the only problem is Im not able to open/view any attachements.

I've looked through the help and it says to click the scroll whell and select open attachment, but that option is not there.

Im just wondering if there is any kind of software I need to get (and where to get it) in order to view attachments (images/pdf/word/excel/etc).

Any help would be appreciated.

SCODonnell 11-21-2005 10:12 AM

Opening the attachment
While reading your message that contains the attachments, you need to scroll to where the attachment is located (mine are typically all the way at the bottom of the message). Once your cursor is on the attachment name, you can click the thumbwheel and select Open Attachment from the menu. If you don't have that option, you may be trying to open an attachment type that is not supported. My device (7100t on BES) has the ability to open Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PDF and ZIP files (at least -- I haven't tried anything else yet) and I did not need to install any additional software to get this support.

Hope this helps.

Stephen 11-22-2005 02:24 AM

This works for me on a 7100x with os

John Clark 11-25-2005 08:19 AM

I ran into this a while back. I even posted a thread about it but no one replied. I could not download address attachments. The menu option was not there. A reboot brought the menu option back and all worked fine.

Lord_FH 11-25-2005 08:28 AM

are you getting your email via a BES? if so what service pack are they on?

andersoj 12-02-2005 12:20 PM

7100i Attachments (No Attachment Service)
Hi Guys,

I have the same problem on my new 7100i. I'm in a BES 4.0 mode.

Go to Options, Advanced Options, Applications

I do not have the Blackberry 4.1 Attachment Service listed as an installed application.

My "co-workers" on other models, ie 7250/4.0 have the Attachment Viewer Application listed.

I believe that this is why I cannot view attachments, but I'm nit sure how to resolve it.

I'm not sure if the "Attchment Viewer" OS Application gets installed via the Application Loader and the Nextel 4.1 files, or is it "pushed" from the BES Server?


John Clark 12-02-2005 07:08 PM

If the 7100i is like the 7100t, you have to check the box in the application loader on your pc for the Blackberry Attachment Service. I'm surprised it's not installed by default, though.

andersoj 12-05-2005 04:16 PM

Attachment Service Resolved
THanks All,

I got the issue resolved. I needed to to add the Attachment Viewer Service Application via the Application Loader.

I am now seeing attachment on all new messages that have them. Older messages recieved prior needed to be "resent" for the attachments to show up.

Thanks All.


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