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Aminocom 11-23-2005 10:01 AM

7100v & Enterprise Activation
We have a BES 4 Server.
I have successfully installed around 20 7290's onto this server without a problem.
One of my users has just handed me a 7100v that he wants to use.
It was running software version 3.8, so I've just updated that to version 4.02.
Switched on the device and low & behold the first icon was "Enterprise Activation" which is what I wanted.
However before I had time to select this some kind of e-mail "setup wizard" automatically launched.
I hit the cancel option because this appeared to be the desktop e-mail setup rather than the "Enterprise".
This took me back to the main screen and now the "Enterprise Activation" icon has vanished.

The SIM is definitely provisioned for Enterprise use.

I attached the phone back to a PC and attempted to run the software upgrade to 4.02 again - just in case something had gone wrong.
It told me that nothing was going to be updated, I told it to clear all data anyway.
Device rebooted and the first icon once again was "Enterprise Activation".
However back into the loop, this "wizard" launched, I clicked Cancel and now back at the main screen and there is no Enterprise Activation icon nor does it appear under tools.
I've taken the SIM out of this device and plugged it into a spare 7290 and Enterprise Activation does appear, so I know the SIM is setup.

Any idea how I can get to Enterprise Activation on this 7100v?
In case it matters....we got the SIM along with all our 7290's from our Vodafone reseller.
This user purchased his 7100v from EBay as a second hand device, we're just plugging one of our reseller supplied SIM's into it.


ptzchris 11-23-2005 10:04 AM

ok i had this problem on my 7105t when i was trying to do the enterprise activation

what i had to do fgor it to reappear was you go to your service books in the options menu and you highlight the one that says Provisioning and you delete it and now go back tot he main menu and the enterprise activation icon should be there

Aminocom 11-23-2005 10:45 AM

Thanks for the response.
I don't seem to be able to delete the "Provisioning" option.
I scroll around to "Settings" and then select "Service Book".
At this point I'm getting a list of 8:

Wap Push Config
WAP MMS Transport
Vodafone UK Idlescreen
Services (BrowserConfig)
Browser Config
Services - vfuk WAPtrans

If I click on ANY of the above options (except Provisioning) I get three options - View, Delete, Close.
However when I click on Provisioning I only get the options View & Close, no Delete option.
If I click on "View" I get a "Viewing Service Record" screen displaying the following:

Record Type: Active
Name: Provisioning

User ID: -1

Gateway IP:
Description: Provisioning

If I click on this screen I have the options Show HRT, Select & Close
Show HRT gives me the "HRT Editor" with 4 things listed.

[b]234 UK [23401530]
234 UK [23403330]
234 UK [23403030]
234 UK [23401030]

On each of these I can do either a "View" or "Register Now" but no option to delete anything under Provisioning at all.

ptzchris 11-23-2005 12:20 PM

ok someting i forgot to put up sorry about that you hold the alt key and then hit the delete button while holding alt for some reason thats the only way it will delete sorry about that

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