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SEOULjah 11-23-2005 06:55 PM

Unbiased opinions wanted: 7290 vs SKII
Hi everyone--I'm currently in the market for a phone/handheld on T-Mobile with a full QWERTY keyboard to use to always stay on AIM, have access to the internet [Google, Myspace, Mapquest, movie times, etc.], and e-mail.
Honestly that's really it..I don't care too much about a camera or music or much else.

I've narrowed it down to either the 7290 or the Sidekick II.

I'm disappointed that the 7290 doesn't even have a speakerphone, but I suppose the Bluetooth makes up for it, but I have yet to hop on that bandwagon, so it's not THAT appealing to me as it is for others.

I have a feeling if I went with the Sidekick II I'd be happy because I know for a fact that it can do everything I am looking for, and it also has a camera and flashlight...

It's just the whole going with the 7290 I am unsure about. And that's good and bad. It's good because who knows, maybe I'll fall madly in love with Bluetooth technology and go crazy. I might find the whole having a PDA thing very useful. I am a nightlife promoter and I'm sure I could make a lot of use out of the 7290 that perhaps the SKII does not offer.

So with that said, my ears are open for your thoughts on this matter. Please, try to put yourself in MY shoes..I'm not asking for much. AIM, E-mail, and internet.

The only lingering question is...I keep hearing e-mail is REALLY fast on Blackberry. Ok...why? Because of the blackberry e-mail server? Because of the phone itself and how it processes e-mail? Does this apply to the internet?

Ok that was more than one here is the "final" question:

Let's say I have a 7290 on T-Mobile in my hands, and my clone has a SKII in his hands. We both type in and hit OK. Which will load first? [or in general, which will browse the internet faster? i am trying to find out if there are speed differences in browsing the internet due to phones or if it's all about connection when it comes to these 2 phones specifically]

Thank you!


andrebsd 11-23-2005 11:55 PM

... Seeing that your on a Blackbery forum; you'll only get biased opinions (that lean toward the Blackberry units.)

I'd sugjest taking the question to a general forum, such as a newsgroup that is for general cellphones.

And as for my opinion; obviously... Go Blackberry.

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