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Scooters 11-25-2005 10:36 PM

Things You Like and Don't Like (RIM Please Read)
What are the things that you particularly like and Don't Like about the 8700?
Hopefully "somehow" RIM will see this and may be able to fix the fixable in future updates.

Please try not to do lengthy review, but "ditto" any comments that you particularly agree with.

For Me:

The overall "package," speed, and most other things already discussed here.
Better volume with my Bluetooth Car Kits.
Address sync with Bluetooth Car Kit (Parrot).

SAFETY HAZARD: The Bluetooth blue LED blinks constantly when the unit is linked. I use a car mount and the blue light is very distracting. PLEASE give us the ability to toggle this light ON-OFF ASAP!

Vibrate is not very strong on my unit. Could be a showstopper for some users.

I like the shape of the unit. However, the top corners of the holder annoyingly rub against my side. Note: Comment written after Thanksgiving Turkey!

OVERALL RATING: 9 (Using 7290 as a "7" for a baseline)

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