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Lex Luthor 11-26-2005 12:12 AM

8700r button shortcuts
I have a noob question and am hoping that you all can help me. I have had my 8700r for a few days now. I think it's just awesome to say the least. On the 8700r there is a silver button/key on the left side of it beneath where you plug in the usb.

When I press that button is takes me to my profiles (loud, normal, vibrate, etc) and then when I press the button in the centre it automatically takes me to the browser function where I can enter a website if I want to.

Are these defaulted to do that and unchangeable or can you have those buttons do something else? If you can change it to something else how do I go about doing that.

Ideally I would like to put the bluetooth option as one of those if it can be changed. Sorry again for such a noob question but please don't flame me. Thanks.

mortys11 11-26-2005 12:37 AM

go to "options" screen/keyboard and scroll to bottom you will see the buttons listed

you can change their function

Lex Luthor 11-26-2005 12:44 AM

Thank You :smile:

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