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rel12561 11-30-2005 12:18 AM

OTA Installs
Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but with my 7100g apps installed over the air showed up in the application loader module for BB Desktop. Now with the 8700 these updates/upgrades aren't appearing in the desktop program.

Is anyone else experienceing this behavior? Any suggested remedies/ideas for correction other than reload using the desktop? :oops:

NJBlackBerry 11-30-2005 12:25 AM

Applications installed OTA do not and will never appear in Desktop Manager. Only applications installed via DM and application loader will appear in application loader. That's the way it works..

MyD0j0 12-01-2005 12:32 PM

OTA and Application loader
I am having similar issues. While apps installed OTA are not showing up in the loader, they are marked for removal any time an application is loaded using the loader.

As an example, I am currently tring to install eOffice from dynoplex on a 7510. I have BBlight, IM+, Terratial ScreenEngager Dynamic, and a few others--each one does not show up in my loader (some of the apps are OTA, some were loaded using a loader on another pc--same results tho, as far as this pc's app loader is concerned), and yet, somehow, the bb seems to think that I no longer want these apps, and not only not want them, but does not offer a means with which to remove these apps from the list of apps that will be removed!

I am scratching my head over who actually owns this peice of property, and why the use of my property is being subverted by this feature of the app loader. Any suggestions or workarounds?

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