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Box15Safety 09-30-2009 08:50 AM

BlackBerry App World Problem
I have been trying to use BlackBerry App World v1.1.0.15 to download several app's. For some reason, it is now stuck on "Starting Download" and the green bar is not moving, just has the diagonal green lines. Started a while ago when I tried to download a flashlight app, but it would allow me to download other apps. Now every app I try to download goes through a "normal" download, begins to install, then goes to the situation described above. I now have three app's locked this way. I have already tried closing and reopening, deleting and reinstalling BlackBerry App World, and numerous battery pulls. After Blackberry App World is reinstalled, the hung app's reappear with the same "Starting Download" issue.

Anyone had this issue? any suggustions beyond what I have already tried?

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