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whsbuss 12-02-2005 09:32 PM

Enter Key on 7130e
Just got mine on 12/1 and already I've noticed that the Enter key has a "sticky" type sound (at times) when depressed. If I rub my thumb over it without actually depressing it, I can hear it. It almost sounds like there's scotch tape under the key. Has anyone noticed this?

I declined the insurance but I know I can add it before the 15-day trial period is over..... I may have to do that!

Dewars 12-03-2005 02:41 PM

My enter key seems normal to me.

JROCK2004 12-03-2005 02:44 PM

I would take it into a store and ask them to look at the key bring your box and everything cause you should be within your 30 Days.

cane you PM me I know a tech in Lancaster PA are you close to there?

whsbuss 12-04-2005 12:44 PM

I'm near Philly. What I notice is when (sometimes) I play with both the Enter and Del keys without depressing them I hear a click-type noise. I never get a repeat operation when actually depressing the keys. Maybe its a break-in period kind of thing.

What I hate about going to the VZW store is I have to delete all my info prior to going in case they do replace it. I'll wait till Tuesday when I get back to my office and save changes in Outlook from the weekend.

My guess is VZW will probably decline a replacement unless it actually fails. I'll let you know.

T-Roy 12-04-2005 01:00 PM

Don't forget you can backup and then restore your information on a new BlackBerry if it does need to be replaced.

whsbuss 12-04-2005 01:34 PM

Thanks. I will do a backup from the desktop manager when I get to the office.

whsbuss 12-04-2005 02:29 PM

I decided to visit my local Circuit City and look at the floor model. It did not exhibit any click sound on the Enter or Del keys. In fact the floor model felt very tight (maybe not much usage yet). In any case, I talked to the manager and he compared mine to the floor model and said "yea, I can feel/hear it too. You should return it to tech support at the store you purchased it from. They will probably just replace it."

I will do it first thing tomorrow!

whsbuss 12-05-2005 09:57 AM

VZW tech support replaced my 7130 with a new one. Not a problem since it was still within the 30 day window.

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